Creative Ways to Teach Pre-schoolers About Energy Conservation


Imparting youngsters with a better understanding of environmental issues is not a concern that should be left to chance. The issues and problems that are being caused by the current energy crisis are not expected to be resolved for quite some time to come, and preparing young students with the knowledge and understanding they will need in order to make a bigger difference in their adult lives could prove to be an essential effort. Finding new and more effective ways to teach children about environmental concerns can provide them with the chance to live

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Choose a Carbon Offset Program and Shrink Your Carbon Footprint


Significantly reducing your carbon footprint on your own is a daunting task for the modern family. Once you’ve made your home and business greener, there is a further step you can take to shrink your carbon footprint. By investing in carbon offset programs, you can help scrub tonnes of carbon emissions out of the atmosphere.

How Do Carbon Offsets Work?
When you invest in carbon offsets, you donate an amount of money determined by how many tonnes of carbon emissions you want to counteract. Your money is put toward a variety of programs aimed to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. These programs can include reforestation efforts, investment in renewable energy research like methane and projects like putting more electric vehicles in commercial fleets.

You can purchase carbon offsets from independent sources to counterbalance your car, a trip by plane or all of your home energy consumption. Many power companies now offer their own programs as well. Look for New York energy providers that offer either renewable energy credits or carbon offset programs.

Renewable Energy Credits versus Carbon Offset
Many energy providers offer what’s called a “renewable energy credit.” While the money you invest in carbon offsets can go many different programs, RECs go to a specific area. The money is invested directly into a sustainable energy source such as wind, solar or geothermal power. In fact, some carbon offset programs use their donations to buy RECs.

RECs are designed increase the amount of energy provided by sustainable sources. In most cases, the money you invest in a REC covers the cost to produce a certain amount of energy plus a little extra. This means you’re not only sustaining clean energy production but also encouraging its growth. The more people that purchase RECs, the cheaper RECs become.

Carbon offset programs and RECS are an ideal way to shrink your annual carbon footprint. Your investment will not only balance out your carbon footprint but also encourage the growth of the clean energy industry. That’s truly a breath of fresh air.

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How to Teach Students about Alternate Energy Resources


The best way for teachers to educate their students about alternative energy sources is to get hands on experience or actually see power plants. Most large cities have scientific and natural history museums that display exhibitions about different energy sources. Students can view models of different types of power plants and learn about the advantages and disadvantages of each type of power source. Organizing a class trip to such a museum is a fun and educational way to introduce students to the issues of the modern energy crisis.

Every community

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Teach Concepts about Energy by Using Games and Puzzles


Educating students and preparing them for the future is an essential concern, one that should not be discounted or overlooked. In terms of the growing energy crisis, environmental issues and the efforts that will be needed to address these problems, educators would do well to ensure their students possess a better understanding of the issues that are shaping the world we live in. Games, puzzles and other resources that can make teaching the advanced concepts, science and economic principles behind

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Teach Energy-Related Vocabulary to Students Through Games


The basic vocabulary that students will need if they are to understand the more advanced science and complexities behind the current energy and environmental crisis is an essential foundation; one that will be required for any further teaching to be successful. Concepts like the carbon trading market, the economic issues that need to be considered and even the most fundamental science behind climate change may all be difficult for new students to grasp. Games that will demonstrate such principles and allow students to build a more

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Use Simple Experiments to Help Children Understand Energy Concepts


Teaching kids about energy concepts should be more than just talking about it. One thing that kids enjoy doing is to experiment with things so that they really understand it. Children tend to do better and learn more efficiently when they get a hands-on approach to things. The best way to teach kids about energy and how it works and functions in the home is to teach them about it with experiments. One thing you could try is utilizing solar energy by playing around with solar panels in and outside of the

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Using Videos to Teach Children about Renewable Resources


Videos can easily teach children about renewable energy resources and how these things affect our planet. The reason videos are more enjoyable for kids is because they can sometimes feature characters and cartoons that make things easier for the child to understand. Reading from a book or simply listening to a teacher talk may not be enough to truly teach them about the importance of energy consumption and preservation. Using a video in the classroom or even at home can help in terms

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Classroom Poster Projects on Renewable and Non-Renewable Resources


Educating students and young people on the problems and issues that the current energy crisis has resulted in will ensure that they are better prepared for facing the issues and challenges that the future has to hold. Resources, texts and even classroom projects that can provide students with a superior level of understanding can all be important resources. By instilling an interest in such matters, students will be better able to understand the issues that are shaping the world, both today and in the years to come, and lend their support towards any opportunities that promise to offer more sustainable

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